There are many “universal” signs. For example, the peace sign is known world-wide.  And, least we forget the infamous finger (which is one half of the peace sign), the shape of a stop sign (octagon), the colors red (stop), yellow (yield/caution) and green (go/proceed). While safety is knowledge, knowledge is power and that knowledge may save your life one day. Most people think a solid yellow light means “speed up.” And, if there is a camera light in that particular intersection, you certainly don’t want to be in that “Kodak moment”, so most people speed up to get through the light before it turns red. Doing this so they don’t get a camera light fine or a citation from a police officer. Not realizing that speeding up results in higher impact collisions at intersections. And what does a flashing yellow light mean to you? I’m sure your answer is “Not much.” But, what it really means is slow down and proceed with caution.

Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings Explained | Comedy Defensive Driving

The Hunger Games’ Tim Taylor and Ralph Goin from Ma’s Roadhouse perform this funny sketch about traffic signs, signals, and markings. Visit and subscribe to our social sites for more fun and interesting information. Website – FB – Twitter – @comedydriving Google+ – Comedy Defensive Driving Pinterest — Yelp – All material in this video is the Copyright of Comedy Defensive Driving School. ® is the Federally Registered Trademark of IDT, Inc. All rights reserved 1989-2013

And, thank God for the invention of lane markings in 1911. Before that, there were noted to have been a lot of head-on horse and donkey collisions. Resulting in what we commonly know as the “mule”, which is the result of a female horse mating with a male donkey…also known as the first “hybrid” mode of transportation. And you thought Porsche was the first hybrid, didn’t you?  Painted markings on the road are meant to keep you on the straight and narrow. For example, yellow lines separate traffic going opposite directions, while white broken lines separate lanes going the same direction. And, while a solid white line means that it is a risky area and you should not change lanes across a solid white line, if it is double white line on a two-lane road, you can only pass when the line on your side of the double line becomes a broken line. By the way, when passing another vehicle, they call that “to overtake it.” Sounds like a Nazi control issue to me. And, you can certainly get a ticket for crossing over a double solid white line. Just like you can certainly get a ticket for giving a cop the finger. While safety is knowledge, knowledge is power and that knowledge may save you money some day. Money is fines, damages and hospital bills.

Until next week…pay attention…obey the law…use that knowledge.

Daun Thompson, Comedienne/Artist/Idea Mogul
Safety Is Knowledge And Knowledge Is Power – Comedy Defensive Driving