As promised, Step Two, in the step-by-step how to for parents of new drivers.

We mailed our $20 and Form DL-92 Request For A Parent Taught Driver Education Packet to the License Issuance Bureau, Texas DPS, in Austin and received our packet in a little over 2 weeks.The packet is 40 pages thick and includes all of the forms you will need to complete the process.Within the first few pages of the packet, it was written, This is a Parent-Taught Driver Education Program, not a “student-go-study-on-your-own” program.I felt like I was being scolded by my third grade teacher all over again…Mrs. Krable? Are you even still alive??

Since we have decided to do a Concurrent Program (both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction done concurrently), we’ve chosen to kick this experience off with an online course for the classroom portion.The cost, $119.00. In addition to the course, it also comes with several free practice tests.The parent must sit with the student while they do their online program. No more than 2 hours per day.Fine, since I also teach Defensive Driving and can help to better explain some of the situations they cover. The program automatically keeps a log of her hours.Once the first 6 hours (a.k.a. Module 1) are completed and mastered, we will be able to download an official Certificate of Partial Course Completion that will allow my little student to take the DPS Instruction Permit Written Test and get her Learners License, at a fee of $16.Yay! I can’t wait to stand in line again.

She will need to bring an I.D., Social Security card, verification of enrollment in school form (TEA Form GEA-043R93), her completed application for a Texas drivers license (DL-14A), Parental Driver Ed Affidavit (DL-90A), proof of completion of objectives for first 6 hours of parent-taught drivers ed program and classroom instruction record (DL-91A).

She will have to pass a vision test and a knowledge (rules and signs) test to get her Learners License. Once she has her learners license, she will be required to practice driving for at least 6 months before she can apply for her provisional drivers license.

Once the learners license is acquired, the remaining 26 hours of online classroom instruction (a total of 32 hours) will need to be completed concurrent with 34 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction (that includes 7 hours of in-car observations and 27 hours of behind-the-wheel instructions… 10 hours of this at night) before she can complete the course.

Accepting driving as a privilege with responsibilities, obligations, and potential consequences, it’s the first step toward being a good driver.

To Be Continued…Look for Step 3:“We’ve Received the Learners License. What Now?”

Hang in there!Chin (and wallet) up.

Daun Thompson

( Daun Thompson is a Comedienne, Writer and Artist residing in Dallas, Texas )