If you need to meet a deadline to complete a driving safely course in Texas, then you will want to register, right now, to take our Texas defensive driving online. We mail out certificates each day, which means that you will soon have your certificate to take to the court by your due date, if you start now. You will need your Texas driving record before registering, and we suggest that you get it online from the State of Texas website. If you follow the links to “Order driving record,” you can pay $12.00 by credit card, and you will receive it within days. It is important to order Version 3A, the certified copy that most courts require.

Take a Texas Defensive Driving Online Course that is Enjoyable

There are many advantages to taking our Texas Defensive driving course online, including these:

• It is state-approved by all courts in Texas

• Our course takes only five hours to complete, plus one hour of break time

• You can lower your auto insurance rates up to 10%

• Our course is written by top comedic talent who know how to make people laugh

• There is no reading, writing, or arithmetic involved

• Simply watch a video

• Stop when you need to and resume watching where you left off

Our low course fee of $25.00 is the lowest allowed by law. There are no hidden fees, and we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. More than 2,500,000 students have completed our course since we started in business in 1989. Register now, and you can be one of those who have dismissed their traffic citation while enjoying a video.