At Comedy Defensive Driving, we make it fun for you to get your traffic ticket dismissed. You will be entertained as you take our classroom course that is offered in many Texas locations. Our Texas defensive driving course takes only 360 minutes to complete. This is the minimum amount of time required by the Texas Education Agency. There are 60 minutes throughout the course that are used for break time. Before you know it, your course will be completed and you will soon receive your certificate. You may even be glad that you had to take a defensive driving course since our classroom courses are taught by top comedic talent. We know that when you are entertained and enjoying yourself, you will retain what you learn about driving safety better than if you sat through a boring class. You won’t be bored with our class though, and our course is accepted by all courts in Texas.

Reasons for Taking Our Texas Defensive Driving Course

The two reasons why most people take our Texas defensive driving course are these:

• To have a traffic ticket dismissed

• To have your auto insurance rates reduced by as much as 10%

If you prefer to take our course in the comfort of your home, you can also take our online texas defensive driving course and receive the same benefits. With our online course, you simply need an internet connection. You can stop and start the video whenever you want to, and just resume watching until you finish. Our online course is also entertaining since it was written by comedians. There is no reading and nothing to do except watch the film.