Our online defensive driving course at Comedy Defensive Driving is known for being hilarious. Who knew that you could dismiss your traffic ticket by simply watching a video that was entertaining? Well, it is possible, when you register for our defensive driving online course. There are many advantages to taking it, such as the fact that it costs only $25, with no hidden fees. This is the lowest price allowed by law. Of course, our course is Texas Approved by all courts in the state. Here is some additional information about our online course:

• It takes only 5 hours to complete, plus one hour of breaktime

• You can dismiss your traffic ticket

• It is also possible to lower your auto insurance rates by up to 10%

• Take our course anywhere that has internet access and a DSL or Broadband internet connection

• Stop the video if you need to go somewhere or get a snack. Just begin again where you left off

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Our Online Defensive Driving Course Is Easy to Complete

If you are concerned about having to do a lot of reading, writing, and work while you complete your online defensive driving course, stop worrying. There is no reading or writing involved, and you will not need to do arithmetic, either. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our course. Over 2,500,000 other students across the country have completed our course, already.