At Comedy Defensive Driving, our courses are different because they are humor based. They will entertain while keeping students’ total attention. We offer defensive driving school with Driver Safety courses for Corporations, Government Agencies, and Fleet Managers. Our courses are available in classroom settings at your location or online. Customers use our defensive driving training as part of their employee safety program – this is particularly important if employees are using company vehicles. There are many benefits to presenting our Comedy Defensive Drive course to your employees, including:
• You can limit liabilities and manage risk better
• Employee protection
• Insurance premium reductions
• Preserve company assets
• Reduce time wasted by staff on filing claims
• Management time is reduced because far less time is spent on accident resolution
• You can support your organization’s safety record
• Prevent damage to company vehicles, equipment, and inventory

Humor Helps Maintain Student Attention at Our Defensive Driving School
You may think that it is a bit odd that we use humor at our defensive driving school, but it is an effective way of maintaining student attention. Our courses are accepted by courts around the U.S. for those who are attempting to lower their insurance premiums or to reduce points on their driver’s license. Since this is the case, you can rest assured that it will also help your employees stay safe and protect your company assets. We have been in business for more than 20 years and 2,500,000 students across the nation have completed our courses. Our goal is to make learning safety and defensive driving fun for our students. This results in increased learning and a higher rate of retaining the material presented in our course. Another benefit of our course to companies is that we are able to customize the course curriculum for you. You can call us at 1-866-540-0584 for more information.

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