Our defensive driving course at Comedy Defensive Driving is designed to be entertaining. It may be difficult to believe, but you can actually laugh as you dismiss your traffic ticket. Our online course is available nationwide. It is affordable, at only $25.00 for everything that you need to complete the course. As soon as you finish it, we send you a certificate of completion that you can take to the court that issued your traffic citation. Our course is always State Approved and funny. Here are some additional facts about it:

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• Simply watch a video because there is no reading or writing involved

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• States such as Texas require only 5 hours of coursework, plus a 1 hour break

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The Funniest and Most Entertaining Defensive Driving Course

We know that we have the most hilarious defensive driving course available because our students continually tell us how much they enjoyed taking our defensive driving classes. You will never be asked to read boring driving manuals or need to listen to lectures on why you should be a better driver when you take our classes. We have had top comedic talent write our course, and these comedians make people laugh every day. You can find your state, click on it, and register for our online course, right now.