You may think that you will need to sit through a boring Florida traffic school class for hours if you want to keep your driver’s license or avoid having points added to your license. If you have received a traffic citation in Florida, our course will satisfy your requirement to attend traffic school. Our online defensive driving Florida traffic school has many advantages, such as these:

• All-video course that you watch at your convenience
• Start and stop when you need to; pick up where you left off
• Finish in only 4 hours for BDI course
• Approved by all courts in Florida and by the DMV
• Avoid or reduce points on your license
• Certificate electronically submitted to DMV for you
• $8.00 course price
One of the best features of our defensive driving online course is that you are in control of when you take the course. There are no set times like you would face if you needed to attend a class that was held at a certain time. Our students appreciate the fact that there is no need to take off of work or school to complete their course.

An Online Defensive Driving Course that Is Simple

Of course, you will learn a lot when you take our online defensive driving course, but we have designed it to be very easy to complete. Over 3,000,000 students have successfully completed our course since we began our business in 1989. Our students find that they remember what they have learned since our defensive driving course in Florida is interesting and entertaining. You can register for your course right here online.