Next month I turn the big 4-O and I think I had my very first mid-life crisis episode on the way to work. Just seems like yesterday I was 19 and I had the answers to everything. Now that I’m 39 and yes I’m still holding on to my thirty’s damn it!!!!! (CLUE #1 – When one refuses to let go of the past and look to the future)… I’ve come to realize, I don’t know shit! But I know a helluva lot more than I did when I was 19. I’m cool with that… (CLUE #2 – The Dude is still trying to use “Way cool” words)…I mean, who cares if back in the day I could party all night with “No Fear” and wind up in New Orleans on a whim. Now I say “I can’t do that, I don’t have medical insurance”…yet, thanks, Obama! (OK now I’ve probably pissed off half of my readers…or with my lucky probably both of them.) I’m older and wiser, but I’m still holding on to the sensible, yet gratifying ways of my unscrupulous approach to life.

On my way to my defensive driving class, a song by Bob Seger came on the radio, Against the Wind. The profound lyrics made me think of my life so far and at the same time, “Beat myself up” for not accomplishing past goals, instead of realizing the here and now is where I need to be, appreciate life, set new goals and strive to be a better person. (CLUE #3 – You starting sounding like Tony Robbins without the use of marijuana)

As my intuitive perception of myself made distorted reality swirled around in my head, the traffic was starting to come to a stop. By the looks of it, an accident off to the left was going to make me get to work on time impossible. The GPS in my head was having a slight hangover, from only three beers the night before and suggested I take the next exit onto the service road to avoid the gridlock. My first inclination was wrong! As soon as I hit the red light infested access road, the freeway traffic, starts to move at a steady pace. Had I just stayed on I would be traveling! So goes life, just when you think you have the correct answer, the universe steps in and reminds you that you can still be a dumbass sometimes!

Despite my attitude towards my navigational decision, I still made it to class on time. My spiritual awakening helped rejuvenate my “part time when convenient” passion for helping someone else in the form of a defensive driving instructor. You know what, I think I’m going to enjoy my forties and live it to its fullest!

Keep sending in your e-mails and comments, they are all greatly appreciated. I think now I want to get a sports car and an earring and go clubbing. (CLUE #4 – Do I really have to say it?) Until then…

Take care and be safe-
Danny Keaton