Max speed limits in the United States are established at the state level and vary slightly depending on where you are. In general, the speed limits on rural interstates and freeways is set at 75 mph. Meanwhile, limits on urban interstates and other limited-access roads is typically set at 65 mph. At one point in time the National Maximum Speed Limit was set to 55 mph. This was enacted in 1974 as a Driving recklessresponse to the oil crisis. The law was repealed in 1995, and states were once again allowed to set their own max speed limits.

How are max speed limits determined

How a specific speed limit is set is generally made by the state department of transportation. Then there is a consultation with local authorities. These two groups will take into account factors such as traffic volume, the number of accidents, and the design of the road. In some states, a traffic engineering is used. In this case, a study will be conducted to determine the appropriate speed limit.

It’s important to note that there are also lower speed limits set in certain areas! This includes school zones, construction zones and residential areas.

What states have the fastest and slowest speed limits

Considering rural roads have fastest speed limits, it should come as no surprise that Texas has the fastest speed limit in the USA. The max limit is comedy defensive drivingset to a brisk 85mph. On the other hand, Washington D.C, has the lowest speed limit at 55mph. This is due to the state not technically having any rural freeways.

Driving carTaking all states into account, the average maximum speed limit in the USA by state is 69.8mph. Whilst the median speed limit is 70mph. It’s worth mentioning that even though a state may have established a maximum speed limit, it does not mean that it is legal to drive at that speed under all circumstances. It is required to adjust your speed based on certain conditions suchTicket dismissal

  • weather
  • visibility
  • flow of traffic
  • traffic volume
  • number of accidents
  • design of the road

Remember to always drive safely and take the conditions of the road into account when deciding your speed. If you or some one you
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