The Battle of the Sexes: The famous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, the “not so friendly” ongoing feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump or any guy vs. any woman on the Dr. Phil Show, which is the superior gender? Now we take that question to the driving test, who’s the better driver, men or women, it’s estrogen vs. testosterone, male vs. female drivers!

Category 1, Road Rage: A recent survey by Response Insurance, shows when it comes to aggressive responses to other drivers, men are more likely than women to do so (54% vs. 46%) OK, that is one point for Venus ♀

Category 2, Speeding: The National Highway Traffic Administration’s 2007 Traffic Safety Facts Report shows that males were almost twice as likely to be in a speeding-related traffic fatality. In 2007, speeding was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes. 88 percent of speeding-related fatalities occurred on roads that were not Interstate highways. Now that’s two for the ladies ♀♀

Category 3, Another gender difference in driving is overall fatal crashes: In 2006, the fatal crash involvement rate per 100,000 population was almost 3 times higher for male drivers than for females.
Males accounted for 71 percent of all traffic fatalities and 70 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. It’s no wonder insurance rates for females are lower.

Once again, the females proved to be the better driver, although my girlfriend would be the exception. Hopefully, she will not read this. Next week we will give some advice on roadside assistance. Until then be safe on the road and courteous to your fellow drivers.

Take care-
Danny Keaton