You already know that defensive driving techniques are our specialty. When you take one of our courses online or in the classroom, you are going to learn how to deal with tons of roadway situations — including coming across the inevitable “idiot” driver on the road! You’re probably familiar with these drivers already — the ones that dart in and out of traffic with no regard for anyone else, the ones that risk life and limb passing you on a curve, only to slam on their brakes at the next intersection to make a left — that’s right, a LEFT turn!

“Idiot” drivers are everywhere. They drive as if they are the only cars on the road. Their thinking is different from the average driver. To the “idiot” driver, their mani/pedi appointment is the only thing that matters. To the “idiot” car driver on the road, reaching the jobsite on time is crucial — and the only reason they are late is because of YOU, not because they overslept. As far as “idiot” drivers are concerned, no one else knows how to drive.

Here at Comedy Defensive Driving, we will teach you how to handle the various idiotic situations you might come across. Like how to avoid an accident when an “idiot” tries to pass you with only six feet of dotted lines — or passes you on the right! Whether it’s swerving, passing, braking, speeding, or traveling at a turtle’s pace in the fast lane, we will make sure you have the knowledge and skills you need to keep your cool and stay safe!

Contact us today at Comedy Defensive Driving, and let us help you keep the “idiots” on the road at bay!