The most incredible thing happened to me on the way home today. Earlier I was driving by White Rock Lake in Dallas. I was on a street that had a wooded area off to the side. As I pasted theses trees, this majestic scene opened up like a grand stage curtain that overlooked the lake and the downtown skyline. Now what made this particular drive-by special was the cold dark weather. I know, I would wonder where this is going too. Yes, the cold dark weather, it’s been raining for the last 24 hours, non-stop cold drizzle and 41 degrees. (I know you people from Chicago are thinking we’re having a heatwave but to a native Texan that’s downright cold!)

All-day the dark clouds hovered overhead like the gloom of depression that would make an emo kid cut themselves. Who am I kidding? An emo kid would cut themselves even if they saw a rainbow!

Silver sun rays pierced through the clouds like a divine spotlight on the lake’s surface. This flash of Zen was amazing! Really, no words could describe or measure the intensity and beauty of this moment. I wonder if anyone else who was speeding down the street during their busy lives took the time to notice. In my own haste, instead of pulling over to take it all in, I sped up to go around the lake to get a better angle at this view of serenity and take a picture with my camera phone. By the time I got to a better spot, IT WAS GONE!

I took my experience as a symbolic lesson in life. Too many times I’m in such a hurry, I forget to notice the beauty that surrounds me every day, even if it is cloudy. When I do find something that intrigues me, I try to change my position to enhance the situation and I wind up losing it. I think that spiritual awaking did just that, it made me wake up and remind myself to live life like it matters and slow down at times to enjoy it.
I hope you find your moment of Zen today…and tomorrow. Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-
Danny Keaton