Comedian – Dane Cook

A comedian named Daun Thompson told me that an ex-boyfriend used to tell her, she had a way of going off the road (an analogy of her going through life) but always managing to get back on track. What a profound comparison. She never told me if that was meant to be a compliment or he was just being an asshole. According to her, her ex was a boring guy who had no sense of adventure, a wallflower of sorts. He was a psychiatrist who, I suspect was trying to analyze his own girlfriend! Seriously, guys, you will never be able to figure out your girlfriend, so don’t try to psychoanalyze something that is naturally more clever than your knuckle-dragging ass! Last time I tried to scrutinize my little woman, I found myself sleeping on the sofa watching reruns of Sanford and Son, drinking Jack Daniels and touching myself…during the commercials and I wasn’t looking at the TV.

His name was Howard, but her friends and family called him “How-weird” behind his back. Apparently this guy always stayed on the straight and narrow, never taking a chance or trying something new. On the other hand, Daun is a comedian, always taking a chance and choosing the road less traveled. She has a restless spirit that every artist holds in their heart. So I had to ask myself, am I a restless heart willing to dive into adventure or am I a “How-weird”, always wanting a safety net, not willing to go off the road that is mapped? I had an immediate answer, I am just like Daun. I’m not afraid to take that left-hand turn at the crossroads. I thought of that old country song by Steve Wariner, “Life’s Highway”, part of the lyrics that say:

“On city streets, down country roads
Like a stream, the people flow
There’s bread to win and tolls to pay
On life’s highway
There is hope with every turn
A bridge to build, a bridge to burn
Here’s hopin’ you never go astray
On life’s highway”

One part I disagree with is the part that says, “Here’s hopin’ you never go astray on life’s highway.” Don’t be afraid to go astray, if you believe in yourself you will find your way back on track. Even if you fail, sometimes just taking the chance has its own rewards.

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