Parallel parking is the worst thing that will happen in many people’s lives. When you need a parking spot in a city, you need to know how to parallel park.

One tip for parallel parking, before you go park in the real world, go practice with cones. It’s much easier to crash into a cone than it is a person. Also, parallel park slowly. Your foot should always be closer to the brake and not the gas. Check your mirrors frequently – it’s very easy to damage something while you’re parallel parking.

Here’s how to parallel park using the mirror trick, or the S method1, with step-by-step instructions.

  1. Make sure the space is twice as big as your car. If it’s not, then don’t park in it.
  2. Align your side mirror with the mirror of the car you want to park behind, then brake2.
  3. Turn on your signal to let others know you’re about to park.
  4. Turn your steering wheel one full turn to the right.
  5. Put your car in reverse.
  6. Slowly let your foot off the brake.
  7. Back up slowly into the spot behind the car until you are at a 45 degree angle, then brake.
  8. Turn your steering wheel completely to the left.
  9. Back up slowly into the spot.
  10. Adjust until your car is parallel with the curb.

Congratulations! You just learned how to parallel park using the mirror trick. Now you can sleep forever.

How to Exit a Parallel Parking Space Step-By-Step

  1. Back up as far as you can without crashing.
  2. Turn the wheels to the left.
  3. Put your car in drive.
  4. Turn on the signal.
  5. Move forward, ensuring that your fender has cleared the car in front of you.
  6. When you are halfway out of the spot, turn the wheel to the right and enter traffic.


1. You can also align the back bumper of your car with the bumper of the car you want to park behind. This is harder than aligning mirrors, but works just as well and works for smaller cars.

2. The S method – the path you will take in your car resembles an S.