Comedy Defensive Driving can help you meet your requirement to complete a defensive driving course. If you have a traffic citation, you must obtain a certified copy of your Texas driving record. Consider the following:
• You must first be approved for defensive driving by the court that issued your traffic citation
• The court will notify you if you need to obtain a certified copy of your Texas driving record
• Some Texas courts will charge you extra and get your driving record for you
• For this reason, you need to know what the requirements of the court are
• You should have received some paperwork or should have been told about obtaining your driving record
• If you do not know if you need the record or not, you will need to call the court and ask for this information
Your Texas Driving Record Will Show How Many Traffic Tickets You Have Had Dismissed
It is up to the judge in your case whether or not you can have a ticket dismissed by taking a defensive driving course. Your Texas driving record will show how many times you have taken a course and had a ticket dismissed. When the court sees your driving record, the judge will decide whether or not you can take the course again to dismiss another ticket. In many cases, if you had a ticket dismissed within the previous year, you can usually take it again to have a ticket dismissed. The easiest way to get your Texas driving record is online by going to the State of Texas website. Simply follow the links to order your driving record. You will need to make sure that you order version 3A. This is the version that most courts require. You will need to pay $12.00 with a credit card online, and it will take a few days for you receive your driving record.