I was driving into the southwest on my way to Acoma, New Mexico to do a comedy show at the Sky City Casino in 2001. As I made my way into the land of enchantment an eerie essence took over my driving. This strange but familiar highway hypnosis of anticipation to the upcoming show takes command over my subconscious like Native American cruise control. At the same time, I hope that the club has enough Jack Daniels to carry me through the night and Pepcid AC. I’m listening to my “southwest” mix CD consisting of U2, Marty Robbins, Mazzy Star, and Dwight Yoakam. My mind drifts thinking of all the one night stands and the bars I’ve experienced in a drunken haze after shows in Tucson, Espanola, Roswell and walking barefoot at 3 a.m. on the grimy sidewalks of that shady border town called El Paso. FYI, drivers DO NOT yield to pedestrians in El Paso City. I’m back in “God’s country” the southwest and I’m excited!

As I traveled, I had an epiphany and realize the spirit of going into the unknown comes from our ancestors who came to a better place, “Go west young man!” pioneer courage that is the foundation of who we are. When you travel around the country chasing a dream, mighty forces ramble with you. To a “normal” person, it’s a lifestyle that few can relate to.

The Acoma Pueblo is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the U.S. In the 12th century it was built in part for defense against raiders. Now it’s inhabited by a travel center, RV park and Wendy’s. The Sky City casino stands 65 miles west of Albuquerque like an oasis to a person who has a drinking and gambling problem. The show goes over like a televangelist opening for Nine Inch Nails. 5 people in the audience all over the age of 60, I was not prepared for that! They looked at me like I was the anti-Christ. The show sucked to say the least!!! As I headed back to Albuquerque after the show, my Geo breaks down on I-40. Great! Now what I’m I going to do? I called my roadside assistance and I had to stay in my car because I’m not going to stand outside with rattlesnakes and other critters. I’m in the right-hand shoulder of the highway and instead of having my flashers on; I had just my left blinker on instead. That way approaching traffic from behind thinks I’m about to get on the highway and they might move over one lane so I don’t get hit waiting for the tow truck. Always be prepared for the worst and always have a breakdown plan in case you need it. I’m happy to say all ended well, alternator belt broke, so it was no big deal and thanks to the 5 people who were nice enough not to walk out of the show.

Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-