Just the other day I was on the freeway on ramp, when this guy in front of me was doing 30mph on the entrance ramp! How in the (Insert the name of a warm place here) does this jerk think he is going to merge on the highway/interstate at that speed? The speed limit is 60 mph but that is the minimum speed everyone is driving.

So I had no choice but to do what I did; I squeezed my way to his left, jerked the wheel to the right, and ran his silly butt off the road! No, just kidding but that is what I imagined in my head.

When merging on the interstate/highway, merge with the flow of traffic. This means you speed up (I know a lot of you don’t have a problem with that 😉 and adjust your speed accordingly. Together we can make the freeway a better place for everyone.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I would love to hear from you! Join us next week when we talk about…..I can’t say, it’s a surprise!


Take care-

Danny Keaton