First of all I would like to apologize about not having the video blog up, due to circumstances beyond my control. Which brings me to an important subject one that we can all relate to, things that happen on the road that are beyond our control. It takes you thirty minutes to get from work back to the house. You plan on meeting someone you met online at a bar across town after you go home and take a shower. On the way home you are stuck in a traffic jam, just then you hear about it on the radio’s traffic report, a little too late! You call your new friend to tell them you are gonna be running behind and of course they understand. Wow, that’s a good sign, at least they are not freaking out like that psycho would have in your last relationship.

You get home, take a shower, pluck nose hairs, check your Facebook and take some protection. You never know what might happen, that keychain of mace might come in handy. And if you’re a guy and you carry mace, you might want to stop hanging out at truck stops. You are driving down the freeway, thinking of the night ahead when all of a sudden you realize you have a flat tire. What else could possibly go wrong?! You call your date to tell them the bad news and there are no bars on your phone! In a panic you pull over, off the freeway to change the tire. You are changing that flat in record time that would rival any NASCAR pit crew. But still, now you are even further behind schedule! You finally get to the bar only to find your future Ex is not there, possibly went home because they got tired of waiting.

Un-expected things can happen out on the road. Even if you plan well ahead and you have GPS with real time traffic reports, nobody is immune to road delays. Try not to panic and realize it’s better to be late and still alive. Next week we should have the wacky videos back up and running. Thanks for all the comments and e-mails, until next week…

Take care and be safe-
Danny Keaton