Who would believe that you could actually erase your traffic ticket by taking a Texas online defensive driving course? Well it is true that you can do just that, when you register to take our hilarious online course that is fast and easy to complete. There is no reading, writing or arithmetic, and you will be finished with it in no time. Although the State of Texas requires that defensive driving courses must include a minimum number of hours, plus a break, the time will fly by when you are having fun laughing while you watch our funny video. The Texas Education Agency approves our course for ticket dismissal, as well as for insurance reduction. This means that you can save a lot of money by taking our course. Insurance companies will reduce your premiums by up to 10% when you complete our course, but you will need to discuss the details with your insurance company to make sure that you qualify for this discount.

Our online defensive driving courses have many other benefits, including these:

• No reading, writing or arithmetic
• Stop, and then resume watching, in any way that fits your schedule
• Works with any Internet connection
• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• We send out certificates Monday through Friday

We know that you may be in a rush to get your certificate delivered to you. That is because the court has given you a due date by which you need to submit this certificate if you want to have your ticket dismissed. If you plan ahead and take our course a few days after you have gone to court, you will have plenty of time. We realize that it is human nature to often postpone things until the last minute. If you have done this, we can send you your certificate with faster delivery methods by FedEx. This will cost you extra in shipping, and we normally send certificates by Standard Delivery through USPS. You can choose Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, or Second Day Air, all by FedEx, to get your certificate in a matter of days.

Get Your Texas Driving Record before Registering for Texas Online Defensive Driving

You will need to have a copy of your Texas driving record, in most cases, before you register for our Texas online defensive driving. The court that processed your traffic citation usually tells you if you qualify to take a course like ours, based on how many traffic tickets you have had dismissed in the past. If an entire year has passed since you have taken our course, you probably qualify to take it again.

There is an easy way to get your driving record, and we recommend that you get it online by going to the State of Texas website. Simply follow the link to Driving Record. You will need to pay $12.00 by credit card. Be sure to order the certified copy, since this is the one that most courts require. If you have any questions about whether you qualify to take a defensive driving course, we recommend that you call the Clerk of Courts in the court that handled your traffic ticket.

If you are wondering if you have everything that is required to take our online course, you probably do. If not, it is very easy to get the required system and computer components that you need. These include Internet connection, Adobe Flash Player 8.0 or greater, a mouse and keyboard, speakers or headphones, and an Operating System like a Mac, PC, or Linus-based computer. It is entirely up to you whether you take a weekend day to watch the entire video on a Saturday or Sunday, or divide it up into smaller components. Some of our customers plan to watch an hour every night for a week until they are finished. You are in control of how you take our course, so you can make the decision that fits your own lifestyle best. That is one of the greatest benefits of our online defensive driving course. You will not need to spend gas money driving to a class, get dressed up so that you look good in case there are any interesting people there, or pay to eat out. Watch your video in your pajamas, if you like. It is completely up to you.