I was watching a demonstration of drones delivering an Amazon package to coordinates in the middle of an open field. The delivery time was spot-on and the drone flew overhead, about 50 feet above the recipient, then flew back overhead and dropped the package. A tiny parachute ejected to lessen the impact, but the box still hit the ground with such great force, that whatever fragile item was being delivered was surely going to need a bit of gorilla glue.

Although the drone delivery method is a brilliant idea, the drop will definitely need to be perfected. What if this were a delivery being made to someone’s front porch with expensive statuary or art that could be destroyed? I suppose it’s no better than the deliveries we see on YouTube, where the package is tossed over a fence, rather than placed gently at your door.

Still, it seems that a drone can bring a plethora of uses. What about using drones to catch speeding vehicles? I’m not sure this is being done yet, but I’ve heard rumors that we could soon be expecting drone speeding tickets. Just knowing that big brother is watching for both misdemeanor and criminal activity could force us all to be on the straight and narrow.

If Arizona can place cameras on highways to catch speeders, then why not use a drone? After all, nationwide, we already have red light cameras, police body cameras and dashboard cameras, as well as security cameras everywhere. So we should pretty much be used to being watched.

Remember when you had that one friend who would insist that you put tape over your laptop camera lens and you kindly asked them if they were off their meds? Now you can buy cute little stickers to place over your camera lens.

In all actuality, using drones could save taxpayer dollars and free-up the police, so they may focus on more important criminal activity and crash scenes, rather than traffic control. So, in the very near future, you may just see a Drone Zone Ahead.

Until next week…

Daun Thompson

Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Drone Speeding Tickets – Comedy Defensive Driving