Someone once said they followed my career for years, until suddenly, it took a sharp right and lost them.

I know that some of us don’t use our turn signals all of the time. For some, perhaps it is only when we feel a real urgency to use them. I must admit, I am a reformed non-signaler. In Texas, the fine is around $191.00…and that’s a lot of Jack Daniels. And it’s usually added to another ticket, such as speeding or illegal lane change within an intersection. It’s like an “add-on,” like a pack of gum at the grocery store check out counter. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t signaling until I had a friend in the car point it out. He said “I thought you teach those classes…you haven’t signaled the entire time I’ve been in the car.” So I had to use those turn signals. And I really can’t say why I wasn’t signaling. Maybe I was trying to conserve the life of the bulb, so it lasts the life of the car.

Of course, some say they don’t signal when no one else is around. Or they don’t signal in rush hour traffic because then, it’s a guarantee that no one will let you over. And, of course, we all signal when we’re being pulled over by the cops…for sure. Maybe it would be a good idea to just get into the habit of signaling all of the time…audience or not, just so it’s second nature, like wearing a seat belt. It seems to be a road rage contributor as well. People don’t like to guess where you’re going. They don’t like rear-ending you (well, some actually do) and they don’t like waiting at an intersection for you to spin the wheel.

Then, of course, we have the eternal signaler. You know, that guy that turns on his blinker and never EVER shuts it off.

Until next week…don’t be a schlep…use those turn signals.

Daun Thompson
Comedienne / Writer / Artist / Idea Mogul

Use Those Turn Signals – Comedy Defensive Driving