Happy Holidays and cheers to everyone! Now, I’m not anti-alcohol, as a matter of fact I love to have a couple of drinks….before I go to work and when I say work, I’m talking about when I’m performing at the comedy clubs!

But if you’re going to drink, you don’t have to drive! There are too many options, designated driver, taking keys away from a drunk (that’s always a fun time-so take up the keys before they start drinking), spend the night at wherever you are drinking, call a cab, call for a ride. Even AAA has a holiday program for safe rides. Or how about this one, drink at home…alone. Ok maybe not, that’s too depressing for the holidays. The point is, there are too many holiday drunk driving alternatives. Over 17,000 people are killed in DUI related crashes every year in the U.S. Let’s make this holiday season the safest ever.

Write me with your comments and suggestions, I would love to hear them. Until next week, happy holidays and take care!

Danny Keaton