People’s lives can be stressful and when this stress is transferred to driving habits, it can result in offensive driving habits and accidents. Offensive drivers cut people off, speed, and do not follow defensive driving skills. Defensive driving skills are following speed limits, allowing for safe following distances and being able to anticipate other drivers’ intentions. Defensive driving in Texas is important with the number of vehicles on the road to create safer driving conditions for all motorists.

Learning Defensive Driving in Texas

New drivers which undergo drivers’ education courses learn defensive driving in Texas, which teaches them the proper way to drive and operate a vehicle. When people get tickets and get into accidents frequently, the state can require the person to attend traffic school. Traffic school can be taken by anyone voluntarily to improve driving skills or when it is court ordered. Courses are available in classroom settings and online from Comedy Defensive Driving, which uses real comedians to teach people defensive driving skills.