For some it is a matter of pride that they have never had a ticket, they carefully abide by the laws, never do anything stupid and keep their record spotlessly clean. Then one day they are either not paying attention or are in too much of a hurry, resulting in them getting that first ticket. One ticket may not seem like a big deal, but if they begin to add up they can affect your insurance rates. Defensive driving school allows you to wipe the slate clean and not have to worry about having a ticket on your record.

With defensive driving school you are allowed to remove one offense per year, provided it meets all the criteria. You cannot remove more than one offense, so if you were charged with more than one moving violation you will have to pay the others and you cannot get a ticket for more than 25 mile per hour dismissed. To learn more about defensive driving school and how to get your ticket dismissed visit us at Comedy Defensive Driving.