Comedy Defensive Driving has an online course that will keep you laughing. It may be difficult to believe that you can have fun as you complete this type of course, but millions of people who have taken our course say that they laughed as they learned. That’s because our course was written by professional comedians who make people laugh for a living. Over 2,500 students have taken our course over the 20 years plus that we have been in business. Here is some helpful information about our course:
• Our course is Texas Education Agency State Approved
• Take our course for traffic ticket dismissal
• Our course qualifies for insurance rate reduction
• Certificates are issued daily with optional expedited shipping
Our Defensive Driving Online Course in Texas is Only 5 Hours Long
Our Defensive Driving online course in Texas takes only 5 hours to complete plus one hour of break time. Our course is a video that you just watch at your convenience. If you need to stop, that’s okay. Just resume watching when you have the time. There is no reading or writing involved in the course. You will find yourself entertained throughout the video. It’s easy to register for our course online. You will only need to pay $25, which is the lowest price allowed by law. Before long, your certificate will be sent to you so that you can have your traffic ticket dismissed or apply for lower auto insurance rates.

Link to video on Comedy Defensive Driving Course: