It seems like now days everyone has a cell phone, it’s almost a necessity.  With GPS, web service and even watching T.V. who could live without it.  Having a cell phone with you when you drive is also the best thing to take incase you need emergency help.  But checking your e-mails, texting your boo or dialing movie phone, come on it’s getting out of hand! 

Would you talk on your cell phone or text if you were watching your favorite T.V. show?  Why not, couldn’t pay attention to both at the same time?  So why do you think you could talk on a cell and…oh, I don’t know, drive a two ton vehicle at 60mph?  “Hang up and drive” I once saw a bumper sticker say.  I think those are some pretty wise words we can all live by. 

Be sure and stop by next week and I want to thank everyone for their comments and suggestion.


Be safe-

Danny Keaton