Hurricane season is upon us. The news has already been reporting flash floods and cars being washed away, with people trapped inside. Which for many, is their worst nightmare.

It is crucial to be prepared with a solid evacuation plan for these kinds of emergency situations. One thing you should do is purchase a glass breaking tool. You can keep in your glove box for emergencies like flooding

Oftentimes people stay in their car, rather than trying to escape to higher ground. A major misconception is that cars won’t float because they are too heavy. But a car can actually float in less than a foot of water. And large trucks and SUV’s float even faster because their large inflated tires make them even more buoyant. Be careful though, when water is rising fast, it can overtake your car in an instant.

So, how do you survive if you get trapped in a flash flood? Here are some safety tips. First of all, if the water is rising quickly, roll the window down so you can escape. Get onto the roof, the highest part of the vehicle. Stay low and hang on. Since the car can flip in only 6 feet of water, you wouldn’t stand a chance if you stayed inside the car.

If this sounds like the scariest situation you could ever find yourself in, the best advice is to just stay out of flooded areas altogether. Even if the water looks calm, the road beneath could be washed out and misleading. If rescuers are dispatched and have to risk their lives to save yours, you could very well be billed for being rescued. Some states call it the “Stupid Motorist Law.”

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Daun Thompson

Writer / Comedienne / Artist

Cars and Floods – Comedy Defensive Driving