I ask all my readers (all three of them) to boycott Texaco-Chevron (the Drilling Oil Evil A-Holes and from now on, we will refer to as Dr. Evil for short.)

I am not asking you to boycott Dr. Evil because of the stupid little talking car commercials, as a matter of fact, I kinda like those commercials.I am asking because Dr. Evil is trying to destroy our planet!

In 1964 Dr. Evil built and operated an oil production lair in the Ecuadorian rainforest, dumping over 19 billion, YES BILLION gallons of toxic waste-water into the rainforest.

This wretched event was called “Operation W.T.F.”Wasting-Toxic-Foul-water.

This operation (that is no joke!) has affected countless lives, both human and other animals, not to mention the horrid effect this has had on OUR planet and for what??????????????????? Answer: So Texaco/Chevron could save some money by dumping irresponsibility and illegally, DR. EVIL GREED.

Exxon Valdez and B.P. oil spills were “accidental” and yes we should stop all off-shore drilling, it is having too much of a bad impact on our environment, but Texaco/Chevron was just pure evil!What’s a good way to get back at Dr. Evil, besides kicking him directly in the mini-me?The answer:

  1. Boycott Texaco/Chevron!Nothing hurts an evil giant corporation more than seeing their sales drop.
  2. Cut back on your over-all gasoline consumption.Don’t leave your car running in park.Try car pool or public transportation.
  3. Keep your vehicle’s emissions in check.

This blog is not meant to give the finger to corporate America.Our society and way of life depends on large corporations thriving but they have a responsibility to do that in an ethical way that doesn’t put us or the planet in jeopardy.

Join us again next week as my partner, Daun Thompson continues her adventure with her teenage driver.Until then…

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton