If your last speeding incident netted you a nice big speeding ticket instead of laurel wreath for flying past the state trooper like you were at Daytona, you may find that the county clerk is going to award you more than more points to add to your collection. What they might tell you is that if you want to keep your license you will have to attend a Texas defensive driving class.

Your Texas Defensive Driving Class Does Not Have to be a Drag

If you think that having to attend a Texas defensive driving class is going be a drag, you have obviously not had a chance to look at the classes we offer. Ours are not the same boring class that you find in many other schools, our comedians who work as instructors when they can, will have tears running down your cheeks by the time the class is over. No matter how you look at it, taking one of our classes is far better than dealing with Texas drivers license points and walking for 6 months or more.