At Comedy Defensive Driving, we began our courses in 1989 because we knew that there had to be a better way to take this type of course than sitting in a boring classroom. We also knew that students learn best when they are interested in a subject; not when they are bored. So we came up with the idea of defensive driving classes that are taught by professional comedians who can help people improve their driving habits while they have fun. Here are 12 reasons why our Texas defensive driving online courses are the best:

1. You can dismiss your traffic ticket with our course.
2. Most insurance companies provide a 10% discount when you complete our defensive driving class.
3. More than 3,000,000 students have completed our courses, and they tell us that they had a blast. If they receive another traffic ticket in a year or so, they come back to take our course again.
4. Students enjoy our classes so much that they remember what they learned. When they are tempted to run that red light, they may remember the funny comic strip about the guy who loved to run red lights. They stop and wait their turn, remembering that funny joke that their instructor told.
5. Every court in Texas accepts our course to dismiss your traffic ticket.
6. Once you have been given the okay by the judge to take a defensive driving course, you can sign up online and begin your course in only minutes.
7. You can choose to take either our classroom Texas defensive driving classes, or opt for our online version.
8. We have classes in cities throughout the State of Texas.
9. Our online course is taken on your PC, and you control when you take it by starting and stopping a hilarious video written by top comedic talent.
10. You can take our defensive driving in Texas online course in your pajamas if you want to. There is no need to get dressed and ready to go to your class.
11. Our classroom version is a good place to meet others and make new friends.
12. Our course is so easy that we know that you will pass, just like millions of other successful students have done.
13. You pay only $25.00 for our online course, and our classroom course prices begin at $25.00 and vary depending on location.
14. We offer fast delivery of your certificate by regular mail. If you need your certificate in a hurry, we offer expedited shipping.
15. Whether you choose our classroom or online version, you will spend only 5 hours of class time, plus 1 hour of break to take your defensive driving in Texas course.

If you can’t decide whether to take our online version or classroom version, you may want to think of the advantages of each way to complete your course. Both of them have the same benefit of dismissing your traffic ticket, and both are accepted by all courts in the State of Texas. Our students tell us that the main advantage to taking our Texas defensive driving classes is that they get it over with in one day. They also say that they have a lot of fun getting out and around others. Some of our former students compare it to a comedy club atmosphere, and say that it is much more like that than a school-type environment.

Many of our students prefer the convenience of our online version, because they control their schedule and when they watch the video. If they need to stop, they simply pause or log off, and when they want to resume watching, the video starts at the exact place where they left off. They do not need to take off of work or school to take our online version, because it fits into their schedule when they want it to. Either way you choose to take your Comedy Defensive Driving course, you will soon have your certificate in your hand.