If you live in the State of Texas and you have a traffic ticket, you can get your ticket dismissed by taking our Comedy Defensive Driving course. Our online course is available all across the state. If you are the social type who prefers to be around others while you learn, you can also enroll in a class that is available in select cities in Texas. It is necessary for you to have your Texas driving record before enrolling in our course. Be sure that you have been approved for defensive driving by the court that issued you the traffic citation. Most judges allow you to take a defensive driving course again, even if you have taken it before. If you are not sure if you qualify to take it, contact the court. You also need to have your driving record. Many people are not sure how to get their driving record, so here is some helpful information for you. After you have your driving record, you can enroll in Comedy Defensive Driving in Houston or in another city in Texas, or in our online course:

• We recommend that you get your Texas driving record online

• Go to the State of Texas website

• Follow the links to “Order driving record”

• Be sure to order version 3A, the certified copy that most courts require

• Use a credit card to pay $12.00

• You should receive your copy within a week

• Keep your driving record in a safe place because you will need it after you complete our defensive driving in Texas online course

You Will Give Your Texas Driving Record to the Court after You Complete Our Course

After you complete either our online course or classroom course, you will be given a certificate of completion. You will then need to turn in your Texas driving record and the certificate of completion plus any other required affidavits to the court. The final step is that you will have your ticket dismissed.