I am a Phoenix!  I am about to embark and rise on a holistic, mind, body and soul journey on the road with my stand up comedy!  I will be in the shady little border town called El Paso.  Super Sunday will be spent hiking in the Grand Canyon and watching the game with my new temporary friends in a motel bar.  I will see the Great Salt Lake and hang out with the vibe that only a mystic city like Seattle can create.  I will see the romantic Golden Gate Bridge with my cougar girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, who will fly into the city by the bay.  I will rush through L.A. so I can be in Tucson to hold her and give her solace with my laughs.  And all this just in the month of February, damn!  I’m gonna need some 5 hour (x’s 1 month) energy drinks!

Now since my boss pays me to write about something defensive driving and driver safety related, I will throw in some driving safety facts along with a bit of “highway of life” inspiration.  OK, traffic safety school tip #1;  Do not use stimulants or crystal meth to stay awake on long distance road trips.  Get plenty of rest before your adventure.

When I am on the road traveling to comedy clubs, casinos and horrid “hole in the wall” bars, especially in New Mexico,  I’m always reminded of the meaning of life;

The meaning of life is to enjoy.”  That’s it, it stands alone, so simple yet it can be complex if you make it that way.  And if you are chasing your dream on the road or you are just visiting your Uncle Jesco in Boone County, West Virginia, make sure you conduct a vehicle safety maintenance checklist.  Inspect your belts and hoses and don’t forget your tires – Comedy Defensive Driving fact #2.

When I travel down the boulevard of un-broken dreams, it is the most rapturous sense more than an orgasmic and stoned bliss, sprinkled with fatigue.  So pull over every 2 hours or a hundred miles and walk around the car, get the blood circulating again.

I hope you find your Phoenix and have the courage to follow your dreams.Join me again next week and until then…

Take care and be safe-

Danny Keaton