When I started my stand-up comedy career, I was working the clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth. I would also drive to Houston and Austin on a weekly basis for the amateur nights at their local comedy clubs. All this driving and writing bits, finally paid off. Terri Stoor asked me to join her stand-up comedy troupe in New Orleans. I would do the eight hour drive one way, barely getting paid. But it didn’t matter I did it for the “love of the game!” Sleeping in my car, counting change for gas in Longview, Texas just so I could make it back home. Hanging out on the streets of the French Quarter during the day with my notebook and pen, full of ideas; comedy bits, dreams and sometimes bulls#!*. I would sit on the steps outside of Jackson Square watching the people walk by and write material on an empty stomach.

I was living life like it mattered, I did it for the “love of the game!” Most people would think that is stupid and no way to live, maybe they’re right, but I didn’t care. When I took what I just wrote in my dreamer’s notebook, delivered the material on stage into the microphone and people would laugh, IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!!!

Now I travel all over the country doing comedy in clubs, casinos, resorts and corporate shows. Sometimes I miss those days of driving in my little GEO Metro, being held together on ambition and the “love of the game!”

Before you venture on your road trip, make sure you do the vehicle safety check.

1. Make sure your belts and hoses are in good shape.
2. Check your tire pressure and tread.
3. Have an emergency road side kit.
4. Have the phone number to a road side assistance service (sometimes it comes with your cell phone carrier or insurance).
5. Get plenty of rest the night before.

I hope you have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Join me again next week and until then…

Take Care and Be Safe-
Danny Keaton