Have you ever had someone point out your bad driving habits? I thought my driving skills were unsurpassed, until a friend pointed out that I hadn’t signaled the entire time they were in my car. Can it be true? Had I become a non-signaler like everyone else? There is certainly no excuse for why I stopped signaling. After all, I don’t typically sit in rush hour traffic. Those aren’t my hours. So, maybe since I have chosen a career that does not me to drive in peak traffic hours, perhaps at times there is no one to signal to. Or, perhaps I was just trying to save the life of the bulb so it lasts the life of the car. Because we all know that the bulb will cost under $5, but the labor is where they get you. Most auto parts stores will change the bulb for free. They will also change a battery, windshield wipers and do a free diagnostic test on your vehicle. That’s good to know when funds are tight.
Since I was called out for not signaling, I have become extremely self-conscious and now find myself over-signaling. I even turn on my signal before I pull into my own darned driveway. My neighbor’s son is policeman and also parks in front of her house. It would be just my luck that he would write me a ticket right here on my own street. And now that I am a reformed non-signaler, I notice that most people don’t bother to signal at all. And those that do use their signal, leave it on for eternity.
The law is, you must turn on your signal 100 feet before changing lanes or turning. That’s going to seem like quite a distance, unless you’re traveling at a high speed. A football field is 300 feet. They used to teach new drivers to count 2-3 car lengths or a house length. But we had big old boats for cars back then. Now there are minis and smart cars. Now, I hear, they teach students to measure from one utility pole to another. But with utilities now being buried under ground, that will soon be obsolete. Two semi-truck trailers (not the cab, but the trailers alone) would measure just a few inches under, or just a few inches over 100 feet. If you are still not quite sure of how to gauge 100 feet, just buy a tape measure at the dollar store. Or you can ask the guy with the restraining order. Surely he will know.

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Daun Thompson
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Signaling – Comedy Defensive Driving