If you need to take a course in defensive driving in Austin TX, you will be happy to know that there is a course that is not dull and boring. Our course will actually make you laugh. That’s because our online course was written by professional comedians who entertain people all of the time. They add a light touch to the course to make it fun to complete. Our course is TEA State Approved by the Texas Education Agency. They realize that when you laugh and are entertained, you will retain what you learn much longer. There is no reading or writing required. You simply watch our video at your computer. You can stop and start again at your convenience.
We Have a Class On Defensive Driving in Austin TX
You may be a social type of person who prefers an in-class experience. We have a class on defensive driving in Austin TX as well with these features:
• Class is taught by professional comedians
• Price is only from $25 to $50 for the entire class and your certificate
• Register online
• We provide instructions on how to get your Texas driving record the fastest way
Our Texas defensive driving course will keep you entertained as you learn. Right after you complete your class, we will mail your certificate to you.

Link to Calendar for Austin Classes: