Florida is one state you don’t want to mess with when it comes to traffic offenses. Speeding or any moving violation can land you in a dilemma. Taking a Florida Traffic School course is worth the time in many circumstances. Read on to learn “Is driving school worth it”?

Oh yes! It is that tough in The Sunshine State. It is better to refer to the state by its other nickname, “The Alligator State,” if you want to discuss traffic tickets and the consequences of bad driving. In most instances, your only savior will be Florida Traffic School for speeding tickets and more.

What Are The Implications Of Getting A Traffic Ticket In Florida?

If you’ve lived in Florida and have been driving for a while, you should know better than to violate any traffic law. If you are new to the state, we strongly advise you not to attempt breaking any traffic laws, because you will be caught.

If you are caught violating Florida traffic laws, the penalties can be tough. When you’re issued a traffic ticket, you have three choices:

  • Pay the necessary fine, plead guilty, and receive points on your driver’s license
  • Dispute the ticket and request a court date if you feel you can prove that you are not guilty of the violation
  • “Elect” to take the 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement(BDI) course and have the points withheld from your record.

The first option may sound smart for someone with cash, but the financial implications are far bigger than it initially appears. The second option is tricky and can easily backfire. The third option is, in fact, the smartest choice, because it allows you to avoid getting points on your license. This smart choice requires attending Florida Traffic School.

What Is Florida Traffic School?

The Florida traffic school course teaches drivers important knowledge and skills for safe driving tactics, road traffic safety, and the essential things to know about defensive driving. It is a special defensive driving course for Floridians and anyone who commits moving violations within the state.

Florida driving school is mostly taken by people who have received traffic tickets and want to keep negative points off their driving records. However, you can also take the course to broaden your knowledge of defensive driving.

There are several misconceptions about Florida traffic courses, probably because it is often associated with traffic tickets. The truth is – the course is worth it. It is super-beneficial to both the state and individual drivers. It can be fun, convenient, and rewarding.

Benefits of Enrolling in Florida Traffic School

It doesn’t matter why you are taking the defensive driving course – the benefits can be enormous. Specific benefits include:

    1. It Broadens Your Knowledge of Defensive Driving

The first important advantage of a defensive driving traffic course for speeding tickets in Florida is that it helps you become a better driver. The Florida driving school equips you with relevant skills to drive better and safer.

    1. It Helps You Avoid Points on Your Record

Once there are points on your driver’s license, they are difficult to remove. Taking the BDI course in Florida means no points on your record. Avoiding points will bring several other benefits in the long run – such as if you rack up enough points, your license may be suspended.

    1. It Reduces the Severity of Your Traffic Ticket

In addition to helping you avoid getting points on your record, the Florida traffic school will reduce the severity of your traffic ticket/citation. You will get a discount on your fine, and you won’t have to appear in court or hire an attorney. The extent of help offered by the driving course will depend on your violation.

    1. It Keeps Your Insurance Premiums from Skyrocketing

One of the biggest disadvantages of getting points on your record is its effect on your insurance premium. Points will make you lose your status as a “safe driver,” leading insurance providers to increase your premium. In addition to preventing insurance premium increases, Florida traffic school can even earn you discounts with some insurance companies.

Attending Florida Traffic School Is Easy

Did you recently receive a traffic ticket in Florida? Are you wondering “Should I do traffic school for a speeding ticket”? Are you considering taking a defensive driving course for any of the benefits it offers? It is easy and affordable to take Florida Online Traffic School. At Comedy Defensive Driving, we are committed to making your Florida traffic school experience fun, convenient, and highly beneficial.

We are always eager to help. Contact us now to get started.