When you attend Florida traffic school, you probably expect a dull, boring class that will have you watching the clock. Well, here at Comedy Defensive Driving, you can expect anything but dull and boring! We work hard to make our traffic school enjoyable for students, because — let’s face it — learning is a lot easier when it is fun.
At Comedy Defensive Driving, one aspect of traffic school involves basic fundamentals — you know, things like using your turn signal. We’ve all come across “those” drivers — the ones that drive fifty miles with their turn signal on. And the ones that never use their turn signal at all, because, apparently, their brand-new car isn’t equipped with blinkers! You may even be one of those offending drivers. If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do to help you — just kidding!

Here at Comedy Defensive Driving, we will show you just how important turn signals and other driving fundamentals are to your safety, as well as the safety of the drivers around you. From avoiding road rage to tailgating, from turn signals to speeding, our instructors will ensure that when you leave the classroom, you will know everything you need to be a safe, defensive driver on the road.

Don’t be one of them — let Comedy Defensive Driving help you stay away from the dark side, use your turn signals properly, and be one of the best drivers out there! Contact us today to learn more about our traffic school and how it can help you be a better driver.