While most people have an ulterior motive for taking defensive driving classes, you don’t need to have a ticket to be dismissed or high insurance to take a defensive driving course. Perhaps it has just been too many years since drivers Ed and you don’t feel comfortable on the road any more, or maybe you have just moved to the state and don’t know how the law works here. There are a number of different reasons to take a driving class and there is no reason why you should not do so if you feel the need to freshen up on your driving a bit.

While a defensive driving class is not going to teach you how to drive, or go over all the laws in the state that you are in, it is going to give you a good overview on how to drive safely and what can get you in trouble. Each course is made for your state, so any applicable laws can be taken into consideration. At Comedy Defensive Driving we offer a great class to help you brush up on your defensive driving skills.