The #1 Most Dangerous Area for Texas Drivers

In 2010, Texas had the highest highway fatality rate and highest number of work zone fatalities in the nation. While specific counties like Harris County, Dallas County, and Bexar County rank highest for car accident fatalities, experts agree that the most dangerous place for a Texas driver to be is on the highway during construction.

Wise Insurance Group found some startling statistics about work zone fatalities in Texas:

  • One in three work zone crashes is a rear-end collision.
  • In 2009, 66% of work zone fatalities were male and 46% were people ages 35 and younger.
  • Texas had nearly 300 more highway fatalities than the second highest ranked state (California).
  • Texas had nearly double the amount of work zone fatalities as the second highest ranked state (Georgia).
  • Only 20% of highway fatalities involve construction personnel. The other 80% is comprised of drivers and passengers.

Work zone warning signs are in place for the protection of the driver just as much as they are for the protection of the construction crew. The next time you’re driving on a Texas highway during construction, remember that you are driving in the most dangerous area in the state.

The 3 Most Dangerous Days to Drive in Texas

If you had to guess the three most dangerous days for driving in Texas, you would probably guess Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It’s no surprise that driving on the weekend can be more dangerous since there’s increased traffic, more drunk drivers, and overall more things for drivers to focus on. But would you be surprised to learn that Monday is actually the second most dangerous day for driving? released an infographic with the following as the three most dangerous days to drive for Texans:

  • Sunday, with 614 fatalities in 2013
  • Monday, with 507 fatalities in 2013
  • Saturday, with 469 fatalities in 2013

So, while you certainly want to pay attention every day of the week, remember on your Monday morning commute that car accident fatalities aren’t always most common on the weekend.

Dangerous Times for Texas Drivers

An article on Yahoo found that the ten most dangerous driving days across the nation typically involve holidays, including Memorial Day weekend, Black Friday, New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day. Some surprising days include Friday the 13th, NFL game day, and the start of Daylight Savings Time. Are you wondering what statistics for Texas look like? Along with the specific days and weekends listed above, there were three months that had more fatalities than the others:

  • June, with 302 fatalities in 2013
  • April, with 271 fatalities in 2013
  • August, with 266 fatalities in 2013

Along with these months, Texan Insurance reported that driving in the rain can also lead to more car accidents and fatalities. They asked readers to guess which of these was the most dangerous time for driving in the rain:

  1. When it has been raining for long periods of time
  2. When the sun is out while it’s raining
  3. When it starts raining

The answer? Conditions are most dangerous immediately after it starts raining. This may be especially true for Texans since they don’t often experience heavy amounts of rainfall. When it does rain, the general lack of experience driving in those conditions can lead to more accidents.

Protect Yourself and Your Car

Whether it’s raining, a holiday weekend, or just another Monday, it’s clear that car accidents can happen anywhere and anytime in Texas — with the majority of them occurring during highway construction. If you want to protect yourself, your car, and the people around you, consider enrolling in our defensive driving course (either online or in our classroom location). While this course is a great choice for drivers looking to wipe tickets from their record or lower their insurance rates, the information provided is helpful for every responsible Texas driver.