Yield, Its A Matter Of Courtesy – Who has the right-of-way in Florida? The law only says who must yield (give up) the right-of-way. s.316.123, F.S. Florida law requires the driver to yield the right-of-way to another vehicle that has entered an intersection before you. s.316.12, F.S.

There are times when a driver should yield the right-of-way, regardless whether it’s your turn or not. It’s a matter of courtesy. Because of that, across the country, states are passing stricter laws due to the increasing number of right-of-way collisions. Right-of-way collisions result in over 80,000 injuries each year. Laws now include mandatory jail time if death or injury result. The problem is we are becoming a society that is moving at a faster and faster pace. At times we’re in such a hurry that even stopping for a red-light or stop sign is asking too much from us. Let the other car cross the intersection first, then when it’s safe, you may proceed.
Yield Its A Matter Of Courtesy

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