Why is tire maintenance so important? Your tires will determine how well your car accelerates brakes and steers. Under or over-inflated tires can cause handling problems. Mich Man Tire MaintenanceIn emergency situations your tires dictate how quickly your car will react.

Why should you care about tire maintenance? Well, if you’re an individual who is concerned about climate change like me, then these next two lines should be all the reasons you need – the Michelin Tire Company estimates the United States could reduce its dependency on foreign oil imports by 38% if people would make sure their tires were inflated to their proper specifications. Properly inflated tires would also remove over 4 million tons of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. Enuff said!

Proper tire inflation helps increase fuel efficiency by reducing the rolling resistance of your tires, ergo reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With your proper tire inflation you are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Driving fast will significantly reduce the life of your tires. Tires will wear about 35 percent faster at 80mph than at 60 mph.

Other factors contributing to premature tire wear are:
• Worn or loose steering.
• Worn or loose suspension parts.
• Misalignment of the front end. Heavy tread wear on one side of a tire spells alignment problems.
• Improper mounting.
• Improper balancing.

The colder the temperature is outside, the lower your tire pressure will be when you start driving. The hotter the temperature is outside or the harder you drive your vehicle, the higher your tire pressure will become. The higher the temperature, the more air tires lose. Hot weather causes the pores in the tire material to expand, which increases flexibility. This flexibility can increase the chances of a blowout.