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Think Before You Drink – Why because over 10,000 families and friends are impacted each year because of some people choose to drive a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol or taking some kind of substance that impairs their ability to drive. Driving under the influence could potentially ruin your own life and the lives of others.  The old saying, “everything in moderation……nothing in excess”…is a motto we should all live by when it comes to drinking.

38% of the traffic fatalities are the result of drinking and driving so you need to be more aware than ever. Days when big sporting events occur and large groups get together……party nights like Friday and Saturday……and holidays like New Years Eve, those are all times that you should be extra wary of impaired drivers on the roads. So the next time you’re out and you know you going to be drinking, have a friend be a designated driver, call a cab, call a friend, or get a hotel room, just do all of us a favor and don’t drink and drive. Think Before You Drink – It’s that simple.

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**This course fulfills the requirements of the Traffic Ticket Dismissal for ALL courts in Texas and for Insurance reduction. This course can also be taken voluntarily to brush up on your driving skills.**