Classroom Requirements for Defensive Driving Texas

  • State Issued ID (drivers license, passport, birth certificate)
  • Copy of traffic ticket(s) or any paperwork the court gave you.
  • Be on time – State law does not allow students to enter class late.

Things you need to bring with you to class!

  • A pen and something to take notes with, and yes there will be a test!
  • Your driver’s license or a picture ID. The State law say’s you cannot take a defensive driving course without providing proper identification.
  • Your traffic citation or any paperwork you received from the court – this will prevent any unnecessary delays in the delivery of your certificate.
  • Proper amount of cash or money order to pay for class unless payment is made on the website.
  • You should arrive to class 15 minutes early – State law does not allow instructors to admit anyone into the room that is late.
  • Meal Money (if not included in price of class) – Students are allowed to eat and drink during class during designated times. A menu will be available with items available for purchase or meal may be included in cost of class during registration.
  • An orange jumpsuit that says “Department of Corrections”. Just Kidding!

Comedy Defensive Driving School® and is the Federally Registered Trademark of IDT, Inc. All rights reserved 1989-2018 **This course fulfills the requirements of the Traffic Ticket Dismissal for ALL courts in Texas and for Insurance reduction. This course can also be taken voluntarily to brush up on your driving skills.**