Point System

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In the State of Florida, driving is considered a privilege that must be earned. You can lose your driving privileges for a number of infractions. Therefore you need to know about the Florida Drivers License Point System.

Infractions and their penalty points assigned them.
• Leaving the scene of a crash resulting in property damage of more than $50.00 – 6 points s.322.273(d)(2), F.S.
• Unlawful speed resulting in a crash – 6 points s.322.273(d)(3), F.S.
• Reckless driving – 4 points s.322.273d1, F.S.
• Any moving violation resulting in a crash – 4 points s.322.273(d)(8), F.S.
• Passing a stopped school bus – 4 points s.322.273(d)(4), F.S.
• Unlawful speed – 15 mph or more over the lawful or posted speed – 4 points s.322.273(d)(5b), • F.S.
• Disregarding traffic/railroad signals – 4 points s.322.273(d)(6), F.S.
• Any conviction under the Florida Statutes covering interference with an official traffic control device or railroad sign or signal – 4 points s.322.273(d)(10), F.S.
• Unlawful speed – 15 mph or less over the lawful or posted speed – 3 points s.322.273(d)(5a), F.S.
• All other moving violations (not including HOV and bicycle traffic violations but including seat belt violations and parking on highway outside the limits of municipalities) you just got yourself – 3 points s.322.273(d)(7), F.S.
• A conviction under the Florida Litter Law – 3 points s.322.273(d)(9), F.S.
• Any violations in other states count as the comparable amount of penalty points that an infraction would have accrued in Florida s.322.273(d)10e), F.S.
Florida law will notify any licensee, coming within their penalty point danger zone with a warning letter advising that any further convictions may result in loss of driving privileges. s.322.273(d)(10f), F.S.

At the following levels of point accumulation, suspensions will occur in the amount of time listed:
• If you get 12 point total within 12 month period that could be suspended for up to 30 days s.322.273(a), F.S.
• 18 point total within 18 month period up to 3 months s.322.273(b), F.S.
• 24 point total within a 36 month period well that could be suspended for up to 1 year s.322.273(c), F.S.

Good news is, if you do have your license suspended for any of the reasons just listed then, at a later date you get your license re-instated, the state then will deduct 3 points from your penalty point record when they reinstate you. s.322.273(d)(10h), F.S.

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