Legal Requirements of Seat Belts – Texas Defensive Driving Online Course

Baby Legal Requirements of Seat BeltsChild restraints: Use a properly installed, federally approved, crash tested, infant carrier safety seat. Seat should be in the backseat facing the rear of the vehicle and properly secured by a safety belt. Best place is in the middle in case there is side impact there’s kind of a safety zone in the middle. If the child must ride in the front make sure the seat is pulled all the way back, and the passenger side and front airbag is turned off. Rear facing car seats are made for infants because their neck muscles aren’t strong enough to take the force of the crash. A carrier, an integrated child seat or a seat belt, may be used. It must have a seal of federal approval, fit properly in your car, be the proper size for your child and check the instructions that come with it for proper installation and adjustment. The law requires the driver and any passenger to wear seat belts when a vehicle is in motion. As the driver its up to you to make sure everyone in your car is buckled properly.

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