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For most people, being able to drive a vehicle is a very important part of their daily life. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that they are fit to drive, so speak to your doctor if you are concerned about your ability to drive safely when ill or just use some common sense and if your head is woozy and you can’t concentrate or your vision is blurry, do us all a favor and stay off the road.Certain health conditions can affect your ability to drive safely.
Illnesses which affect safe driving – Various health conditions can affect your ability to drive safely, for example:

• Blackouts or fainting
• Vision problems –
• Heart disease
• Epilepsy
• Sleep disorders
• Diabetes
• Psychiatric disorders
• Neurological disorders
• Age-related decline

These illnesses don’t mean you can’t drive a car, but you should be smart enough to know that they can affect your ability to drive, so you may need to see your doctor more often, or it might be that you just need to restrict your driving times.

Drugs come in a lot of common varieties. Taking over the counter drugs to battle an illness can affect your ability to maintain control. Being sick or ill can affect your ability to maintain vehicle control. Beware your physical limitations. You should always know what you’re capable of. Increase your safe space when sick, not just in your car, around others as well. Know your physical limitations and take care of yourself.

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