If you are driving at night, you must have headlights that work properly. Your vehicles headlights must be on under the following conditions;
• Your headlights must be on 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise. This time is known as the twilight hours. Twilight meaning the time between sunset and full night or between night and full sunrise.
• During any rain, smoke, or fog.

In most states the law requires vehicles to have low-beam headlights that can clearly light the road at least 100 feet. High-beam headlights must clearly light up at least 350 feet down the road. Now, if you’re driving your car so fast that you can’t stop your car 100 to 350 feet, you are experiencing what is know as Warp Drive – but for this article we will just call it “overdriving your headlights”.

Driving over 65-70 miles per hour at night would qualify for overdriving your headlights, unless you have some new-fangled light that no one knows about. So never make the decision to pass or change lanes when you can’t see and always expect the unexpected… like that time I was caught off guard when a zombie chased this poor squirrel out of the woods… it was not pretty!

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