Habits You Teach Your Kids

Gerbelbaum Habits You Teach Your KidsWhy does little Johnny drive like he’s possessed? Habits you teach your kids are things learned from repetition or learned through observed behavior, (please focus on the last part) it also influences the way you drive. Next time you have your kids in the car, be mindful of what you’re teaching your children because whether you realize it or not they are learning driving habits from you. You are teaching them how to drive every time you yell at somebody, speed through a school zone or chat on your cell phone while missing your exit. Your children pick that up as learned behavior. Studies show that if children learn to smoke from their parents, they learn other things as well.

Here are some important things to remember when teaching your kids good driving habits:
• Don’t drive if you are ill or upset
• Don’t drive after drinking or using drugs
• Don’t drive while watching TV
• Don’t drive while reading the paper
• Don’t drive while sleeping
• Only drive while driving

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