If you have been told that you must attend FL traffic school, we have the solution for you. Our Florida online traffic school takes only four hours to finish the entire course. It is accepted by all courts in Florida and is Florida State Approved. When you register at Comedy Defensive Driving to take our course, you will pay the low price of only $8.00 for our course. Other fees include $7.00 for required state and processing fees, and $10.00 for your certificate fee with email delivery. Here are some additional facts about our course:

• Avoid or reduce points on your driver’s license by completing our course
• Satisfy Court/DMV ordered classes, as well as reduce points on your license
• Lower your auto insurance rates by as much as 10% by completing our Florida traffic school
• Take only 4 hours to complete
• Our Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course is easy to complete
• Watch a video that will keep you laughing and entertain you

We Have an Easy Way to Attend Florida Online Traffic School

At Comedy Defensive Driving, we have been helping students dismiss traffic tickets and reduce points on their driver’s licenses since 1989. Over 2,500,000 students have completed our course. In the State of Florida, you will be mandated by the court to take a BDI course if you have received a traffic violation for certain crimes. After you are convicted of this crime in traffic court, you are given a certain amount of time to complete a BDI course. When you complete our defensive driving course in Florida, we automatically send your certificate of completion to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You can register online, right now, and begin your course in a few minutes.